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12. March 2023 - BOAS test results "Aldo" and "Steady"

15. january 2023 - Homepage updated

25. november 2022 - Homepage updated

11. january 2022 Homepage updated

04.September 2021 Showresults 2021 updated - new pictures of Steady, Aldo & Joker - Co-owner on Marly

10.July 2021 Showresults 2021 updated - new pictures of Joker, Steady, Aldo & Chili

12.May 2021 New Pugs on the site - Ahlehoff's Raise Your Glass "Brise" & Ahlehoff's Perfect "Chili"

28,Septermber 2020 show-results, new pictures

27.June 2020 Pictures of "Steady" - Ahlehoff's Let it Burn & a new picture of "Joker" - Ahlehoff's Doc Holliday

17.June 2020 Pictures of "Joker" - Ahlehoff's Doc Holliday & "Aldo" - Ahlehoff's Inglourious Basterds

10.february 2020 Showresults 2020 updated

05.february 2020 Showresults updated 2020

10.december 2019 Showresults - "Marley" new Danish & Swedish champion

02.november 2019 Litter "Volbeat" on the site

13.october 2019 Showresults updated

19.August 2019 Showresults updated

13.August 2019 Showresults updated

04.August 2019 Showresults updated

09.July 2019 Showresults updated

18.june 2019 Showresults updated

22.May 2019 Showresults updated

06.May 2019 Showresults from Finland, Russia & Ukraine

02.May 2019 More pictures of Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King" at his page

02.May 2019 Showresults from Russia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Ukraine

12.April 2019 Showresults from Austria, Russia, Germany, Finland and Denmark

04.March 2019 New pictures of Ahlehoff's X-Men Apocalypse "Marley"

27.february 2019 Showresults Russia

21.february 2019 Updated show 2018, 2019 and "puppies"

14.january 2019 Ahlehoff's You Don't Judge Me "Bambi" & Ahlehoff's X-Men Apocalypse "Marley"
                       Both testet free (0/0) from Patella Luxation

04.january 2019 updated the last showresults for 2018

08.december 2018 Presentation and new page, of our new girl from Portugal - Glorious Spirit Ghost Draculine "Viola"
08.december 2018 Showresults from Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Polen and Russia

12.november 2018 Showresults Russia, Finland & Germany

08. november 2018 Showresult Ukraine, Germany, Denmark and update of Marley, Raven, Ready and Bambi's site

31. october 2018 Showresults from Germany

25. October 2018 Showresults from Polen, Ukraine, Germany & Denmark and update Bambi's & Marley's pages

11. October 2018 Showresults from Germany & Denmark

04. October 2018 Showresults from Austria & Finland

20. September 2018 Showresults from Russia, Finland and Germany

05. September 2018 Showresults from Germany and Sweden

27. August 2018 Showresults Finland

24. August 2018 Showresults The Neterlands, Germany,Denmark ....updated Raven & Marlys page

06. July 2018 Showresults from Ukraine

05. July 2018 Showresults from Russia, Finland & Denmark

31. July 2018 Showresults from Sweden & Finland

27. July 2018 Showresults from Finland & opdated "Marley's" Merits

26. July 2018 Showresults from Germany, Belgium, Russia, Finland & Denmark

08. july 2018 Showresults from Sweden

03. July 2018 Showresults from Germany & Finland

26. June 2018 Showresults from Swiss

21. June 2018 Showresults from Russia, Ukraine, Germany & Denmark

13. June 2018 Showresults from Russia

11. June 2018 Showresults from Denmark, France and Sweden

24. May 2018 Showresult from Siberia, Denmark, Sweden and Germany

09. May 2018 Showresults from Russia & Germany

06. May 2018 Showresults from Russia & Germany

05. May 2018 Our puppy Marley and minor puppy Bambi got their own page
05. May 2018 Y-litter now on the homepage

19. April 2018 Updated Showresults Germany and France

04. April 2018 Updated Showresults 2018

26. Marts 2018 Updated Showresults 2018

20. Marts 2018 Updated Showresults 2018

17. Marts 2018 Updated site - Festivals Soul Early February "Boris" & Ahlehoff's Up To Date "Raven"

05. December 2017 Updated showresults and Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumple's page

30. November 2017 Updated showresults

31. Oktober 2017 Showresults from Amazonas

24. Oktober 2017 Showresults (Denmark, Germany, Sweden) and new profil-picture Ahlehoff's Up to Date "Raven"

10. Oktober 2017 Showresults (Denmark & Netherland) and 2 new championtitels on Ahlehoff's Up to Date

06. Oktober 2017 Showresults (Germany, Austria & Russia)

27. september 2017 Picture of parrents under "puppies" and then  "planned puppies 2017"

25. september 2017 Showresults, Brazil

24. septempber 2017 Showresults, Denmark

20.September 2017 Showresults, Brazil

10. september 2017 Showresults, Denmark, Sweden, Germany

07. september 2017 Update "planned puppies 2017"

13.August 2017 Showresults Sweden

06.August 2017 Showresults Denmark & Brazil

01. August 2017 Showresults Germany

30. July 2017 Showresults Denmark & Germany

17. July 2017 Showresults Brazil & Germany

16. July 2017 Showresults Estonia & Sweeden

03.July 2017 Showresults Brazil & Lithuania

27. June 2017 Puppyplanes updated

11. June 2017 Showresults from Germany and Russia

26. May 2017 Showresults from Lithuania, Germany, Sweden & Denmark

08. May 2017 Showresults from Germany and Russia

01. May 2017 Showresults from Denmark, Paraguay, Brazil, Lithuania, Russia

24. April 2017 - Showresults from Brazil & Germany updated

21. April 2017The webpage wil be updated the next comming days. For now there is news
on planed puppies and show-results for 2017

12. December 2016 Show-results 2016 updated Denmark-Germany-Brazil-Russia

30. October 2016 Show-results 2016 updated Denmark-Germany-Brazil-Hungary-Russia

04. September 2016 Show-results 2016 updated Denmark-Germany-Brazil-Paraguay-Netherland

18. july 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

26. june 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

19. june 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

06. june 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

22. may 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

09. may 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

29. April 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

09. April 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

03. April 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

25. Marts 2016 Show-results 2016 updated

11. februar 2016 Started show-results 2016

05. february 2016 Update Puppies - U-litter & Ahlehoff's Ready to Rumble new profile-picture

26. december 2015 Show-results 2015 updated - this year 23 chanpion-titles :)

08. december 2015 Show-results updated for Kassel, Germany
KLBJCH Ahlehoff's Ready to Rumble now also DEJCH & DEVDHJCH

28. november 2015 Show-results updated
HUJCH Ahlehoff's Son Of King, now Slovakian junior champion
KLBJCH Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumble most winning pug baby/puppy
and 3. most winning baby/puppy all breed Canis Minor

18. november 2015 Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumble, Patella Luxation test 0/0

15. november 2015 - Show-results updated

01. november 2015 - Show-results updated

31. oktober 2015 - Show-results updated

21.oktober 2015 Show-results updated and Merrits for:
Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumble "Ready" & Gloriouis Spirit Impossible Is nothing for Ahlehoff's "Patsy"

29.09.2015 Show-results updated

25/09-2015Show-results updated
Ahlehoff's Son of King "Carlos" new Hungary Junior Champion and new Hungary Club Junior Champion

24/09-2015 Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King" now back in Denmark, with the titels Portuguese and Romanian Champion
Updatede litters - T-litter 2015

30/08-2015 Show-results updated

18/08-2015 Show-results updated

13/07-2015 Show-results updated

24/06-2015 Updated Vito, Ready and Kings site - and updated show results
Ahlehoff's Son of King "Carlos" removed from the site - he now lives in Hungary

02/06-2015 Show-results updated

28/04-2015 Show-results updated

13/04-2015 Show-results updated

07/04-2015 Show-results updated
Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumble "Ready" and
Ahlehoff's Son of King, got there own pages

30/03-2015 S-litter on the homepage
Show-results updated

26/12-2014 Show-results for Grasberg Germany 13. + 14. december 2014
Update merits for Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King"
Update merits for Glorious Spirit Impossible Is Nothing For Ahlehoff's "Patsy"
26/11-2014 Ahlehohoff's Ready To Rumble "Ready" DNA-PDE-test N/N
R-litter now on the homepage
We have puppies.....Medina and King got 6 lovely babies
New pictures of Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King" on his site - thanks to Torbjørn Seim for those photos
Update show-results 2014 - it is with proud we tell about the results.
16/11-2014 Glorious Spirit Impossible Is Nothing For Ahlehoff's "Patsy"
Patella Luxation 0/0
Generel Demodex Free
01/10-2014 Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent Patella Luxation 0/0 - Generel Demodicosis 0/0
All DNA-PDE results on the site
29/09-2014 Update show 2014, and merits for Vito, Patsy & King
28/09-2014 Update "planned puppies"
25/08-2014 Update show 2014
Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry "Vito" udate merits
22/08-2014 Update show 2014
Glorious Spirit Impossible Is Nothing For Ahlehoff's "Patsy" update photo and merits
Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King" update photo
Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry "Vito" update merits
22/07-2014 Update Show 2014, and "Vito's" merits
14/07-2014 New info about upcomming puppies, and new picture of Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry
09/07-2014 Update Show 2014 Sweeden Int Ronneby, and "Vito's" merits
23/06-2014 Update Show 2014 International DKK Vejen, and "Vito's" merits
16/06-2014 Update Show 2014 KSS Gørlev, and link to Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry's puppies, under "Puppies"
05/06-2014 Update Show Nuemunster International Germany
19/05-2014 Update Show DKK Roskilde 10+11 may 2014, DKK Kreds 5 Hedensted 17 may 2014 + Sweden Hassleholm 18. may 2014
08/05-2014 Update Show 2014
01/05-2014 Update Show 2014
18/04-2014 New picture of Ahlehoff's Machine Gun Kelly "Vinnie"
10/04-2014 Anadyr Blues Fenix 11.23 "Fenix": Patella Lux 0/0 - Generel Demodex Free
31/03-2014 New - Show 2014, and updat: Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry "Vito" page
Update puppi-planes 2014
24/01-2014 PDE-test Glorious Spirit Impossible is nothing for Ahlehoff's "Patsy"
Picture of Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent "King" at his page
The last show results for 2013 updated
Q-litter now on the webpage
Ahlehoff's Qouta Excellent "King"
Ahlehoff's Poker Face "Seven"
Glorious Spirit Impossible Is Nothing To Ahlehoff's "Patsy"
Now have their own page 
06/12-2013 PDE-test:
Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent
Ahlehoff's Quid Pro Quo
Anadyr Blues Fenix 11.23
Tangetoppen's Wild Guess
09/11-2013 Litter P - on the site
08/11-2013 New pitures of Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry and Tangetoppen's Wild Guess - Thanks to Torbjørn Seim for the pictures
Show results 2013 updated
06/11-2013 Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry, Patella Lux status 0/0, General Demodicosis: Free, updated merits
Anadyr Blues Fenix 11.23 - new picture
Show results 2013 updated
27/09-2013 All puppies from Troppola Next Generation x Troppola Takes It all, have new homes
25/09-2013 Tangetoppen's Wild Guess "Bravo" now has his own site and AnadyrBlues Fenix 11.23 "Fenix" siste is updated.
Small updates around.
23/09-2013 Update "we have puppies" and showresults 2013
29/08-2013 News with puppies, showresults and other opdates
30/07-2013 7 puppies born 27.07.2013 from Troppola Takes It All x INTCH DKCH DECH DEVDHCH KLBCH KLBV10 Troppola Next Generation
Update "Planned puppies"
25/07-2013 Showresults 2013 updated DK KSS Vejen National 19, 20, 21 July 2013
09/07-2013 O-litter on the homepage - and minor udpates.
20/06-2013 AnadyrBlues Fenix 11.23 "Fenix" has begun his page - as well as minor updates around the site
18/06-2013 Update show-results 2013 - Tangetoppen's Trick Or Treat "Jippi" New International Champion
06.06.2013 New planed litter: Troppola Takes It All x INTCH DKCH DECH DEVDHCH KLBCH KLBV10 Troppola Next Generation
03.06.2013 Showresults 2013 updated
20/05-2013 Update Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry "Vito" site, and update of show-results
05/05-2013 - 3 princesses are born, after Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc "Kelly" x Tangetoppen's Wild Guess "Bravo"
16/04-2013 Ahlehoff's Guns N' Roses patella Lux. status: 0/0
15/04-2013 Portraits pictures of Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc "Kelly" & Tangetoppen's Wild Guess "Bravo"
at "planned puppies"
13/04-2013 New picture - Troppola Next Generation "Kessler" profile
DNA-PDE test status for Ahlehoff's Guns N' Roses
02/04-2013 Patella Lux status 0/0 and Free of General demodicosis - Ahlehoff's Machine Gun Kelly "Vinnie"
24/03-2013 Show-results 2013 updatede - Malmö/Sweeden
Tantetoppen's Trick Or Treat now Swedish Champion
Troppola Next Generation now International champion
21/03-2013 Show-results 2013 updated - KSS Fredericia 16.+17.03.2013
13/03-2013 Show-results 2013 updatede - 3 new titles for DKCH, DECH, DEVDHCH Tangetoppen's Trick Or Treat "Jippi"
06/03-2013 Show-results Duch/Nederlands 03.03.2012
05/03-2013 Two litters are planed in 2013 - look at "Planned puppies"
05/03-2013 PDE-test for Ahlehoff's Just Do It "Anto"
01/03-2013 PDE-test for Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry "Vito"
27/02-2013 PDE-test for Ahlehoff's Machine Gun Kelly "Vinnie" 
13/02-2013 Updated "planned puppies" N-litter born 04.11.2012 - now at the site
12/02-2013 Update show 2013
28/01-2013 All puppies are at new homes
19/01-2013 Little puppy (boy) for sale - se pictures and more under "Puppies"
16/01-2013 We have one puppy (boy) for a new home - look at "Puppies"
13/01-2013 New photo's of Ahlehoff's Just Do It "Anto"
05/01-2013 We have puppies for new homes - look at "Puppies"
25/12-2012 Update show 2012 and merits/titels Kessler and Jippi
26/11-2012 Updates Show 2012
13/11-2012 Updated Kessler's site (litters)
10/11-2012 Updated show 2012
06/11-2012 Updates "Planned Puppies" - Medina gave birth to 4 puppies 04/11-2012
28/10-2012 Updated show 2012
24/10-2012 Updated show 2012
10/10-2012 Ahlehoff's Guns N' Roses now got his own site, on this homepage

30/09-2012 Updated show 2012 - VDH Int. Rostock (Germany)
24/09-2012 Updated show 2012 (DKK Vejen International)
07/09-2012 Updated show 2012 (Danish Pug-special)
07/09-2012 Updated: New picture Troppola Takes It All "Medina", Planned Puppies 2012, M-litter now at the site
20/08-2012 Updated show 2012 (Ronneby/Sweeden)
08/08-2012 Updated show 2012 (Bremen/Germany)
06/08-2012 Updated at Jippi and Vinnie's "merrits"
01/08-2012 Updated: Showresults 2012 - 3 National shows Vejen
15/07-2012 Updated showresults 2012, and update Troppola Next Generation "Kessler" new litter 
and new profil-picture for Tangetoppen's Trick or Treat "Jippi"
06/07-2012 Ahlehoff's Machine Gun Kelly "Vinnie" now has his own site
21/06-2012 DNA-PDE-test for Troppola Takes It All "Medina" now returned with good result
17/06-2012 Updated: Showresults DKK International Ballerup, 16+17/06-2012
13/062012 New picture of Troppola Takes It All "Medina" - DNA-PDE-test are taken - waiting for results.
03/06-2012 Updated: Showresults Neunmünster 02.06.2012 + Kessler, Jippi Merits
31/05-2012 Updated: Showresults Aalborg x 5 - May 2012
12/05-2012 Updated: showresults DKK International Roskilde 05. + 06.05.2012
01/05-2012 Updated: showresults VDH-International Lingen 2012 - and "all puppies are pre-booked"
07/04-2012 New link-site
04/04-2012 Litter K (2010) & Litter L (2011) now on the site.
A fault, that this first is done now.
02/04-2012 Ahlehoff's Level One (Celine) Patellastatus 0/0
Celine is no longer to find on our site - she now has a new owner.
31/01-2012 Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc has given born to 5 lovely puppies.
20/03-2012 Show-results KSS-Strøby 18.03.2012
07/03-2012 Show-results CAC-Hamburg/Germany, and update Jippi's merits
26/02-2012 DNA-PDE test-results - Kessler, Kelly, Jippi, Celine
13/02-2012 Show-results DKK Fredericia 2012
22/01-2012 Now show-merits of each dog
18/01-2012 We expect puppies in early April from Ahlehoff's Jeanne d' Arc & Tangetoppen's Unbeaten Loverboy
16/01-2012 Christmas i over - so Christmas cards are removed from the site. Startup: Show results 2012
14/01-2012 Kesslers page updated with a litter
02/01-2012 Medina's (Troppola Takes It All) Patella Lux. status: 0/0 - Genrel Demodex: Free
19/12-2011 New Christmas cards
13/12-2011 Link from the startpage, for all the nice Christmas cards we receive.
02/12-2011 Updated show results - this year's rankings
10/09-2011 Update "planed puppies":
Spring puppies Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc x Tangetoppen's Unbeaten Loverboy
09/11-2011 Tangetoppen's Trick or Treat (Jippi) Patella luxations status and Generel Demodex status: FREE
07/11-2011 Update show-results DKK-Herning 05. + 06.11.2011
16/10-2011 Update on the site: Picture of Troppola Next Generation (Kessler) BIS 4 - Gôrlev on show 2011, 
and added his new German Title - Rostock Sieger 2011
News under "planned puppies"
11/10-2011 Viola (Ahlehoff's Bella Donna) is now a full-time cuddle-pug, so se wil no longer be on the homepage. 
We have udated showresults - Troppola Next Generation (Kessler) has just been at a German show 
and it went very well.
We also say welcome to our new wonderful pug-girl Jippe - Tangetoppen's Trick Or Treat.
04/10-2011 Updates - show results 2011
07/09-2011 new link-pictures on "our pugs" - small updates ore new pictures on
our pugs and now Ahlehoff's Level One (Celine) finaly is on the site.
03/09-2011 Updates show 2011
29/08-2011 Now link from the front-site, to show-news
04/07-2011 Updates show Rønne
19/06-2011 Updates show DKK Valby
14/06-2011 New front-picture of Kelly (Ahlehoff's Jeanne D'Arc)
12/06-2011 Last Man Standing got a new home, so the link is deleted.
31/05-2011 Puppy - Last man standing for sale, and some smale updates around
30/05-2011 Show results for the weekend. Kessler is now also clubchampion
Also a little update on the link-site.
13/05-2011 New photo Kelly's site
08/05-2011 Updates show DKK Hillerød
24/04-2011 Showresult Næstved for Ahlehoff's Just do it & Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc
12/04-2011 Anton (Ahlehoff's Just do it) Patellalux.status 0/0, Generel Demodex free
06/04-2011 Link to Leutenberger on the link-site
05/04-2011 Kelly (Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc) Patellalux.status 0/0, Generel Demodex free
03/04-2011 Link to Teddypug on the link-site
25/03-2011 Kessler's show-results - Strøby 19.03.11, updated
22/03-2011 Puppy-site opdated, and some few small opdates on the site.
23/02-2011 Kelly (Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc) Anton (Ahlehoff's Just Do It) and Medina (Troppola Takes It All)
er now on the page. Karla (Ahlehoff's Beloved) and Selma (Ahlehoff's Fairytale) are removed
from the site, because they now are "retired" to "only" cuddle/pet dogs.
01/02-2011 Several updates on the link-site
26/01-2011 Opdates "About us" some about our dog-education, about feeding and new pictures.
News on the link-page "Real dog food" in demark, and "Dog Food Analysis". 
Date for next litter.
06/01-2011 New front-picture. Christmas card removed. New info about the upcoming litter Viola& Huutsch.
18/12-2010 All puppies from Ahlehoff's Fairytale (Selma) and Troppola Next Generation (Kessler) are reserved
14/12-2010 Troppola Next Generation (Kessler) Club-winner 2010.
Kessler became a father to 2 lovely puppies at Kennel Havstrup 14/10-10.
Both updates on his site.
13/12-2010 All the resived beautiful Christmas cards are now on the site.
28/11-2010 Update show-results Nyborg. Kessler Excellent 1, BOS 2, and club-cac
24/11-2010 New's on link-page - link to The pug-grupes (under the special clubs) new homepage.
Corrections - Viola wil not have puppies in january - but in the early Spring 2011
01/11-2010 Viola (Ahlehoff's Bella Donna) will have puppies medio january 2011
26/10-2010 Our fantastic black boy Tyson (Jessygaff Black Duke), is with grief now on the memorial site
20/10-2010 Oktober 16 - 2010, Kessler/Troppola Next Generation New Danish Champion. Show-results for Kessler and his
daughter Kelly/Ahlehoff's Jeanne d'Arc in show-results.
Then there is an approximate date for the upcomming litter with Ahlehoff's Fairytale x Troppola Next Generation,
and a copy of the upcomming litter's pedigree.
08/10-2010 Info about puppies from Ahlehoff's Farytale (Selma) "planed puppies"
11/09-2010 New Picture of Tyson, at his page 
31/08-2010 Show-results for Kessler, Kelly & Kira
04/08-2010 Show-results and up-comming shows, of Kessler 
04/07-2010 June, 23 - Kessler (Troppola Next Generation) and Emma (Ich bin die Ilse vom Sachsen Adel)
became "parrents" to a princess . The litter is now on Kessler's site, with link to Enchanting Pugs.
30/6-2010 Izzy Rose is no longer for sale - have found a lovely home for her. Updated "planed puppies".
24/6-2010 Two new links - Kennel Enchanting Pugs and Kennel Must have - and Jessygaff's new homepage.
21/06-2010 Patella status Karla (Ahlehoff's Beloved) 0/0
17/06-2010 Pictures of litter J, now on the website
13/06-2010 Ahlehoff's Izzy Rose fore sale (born 27.12.2009) - look at the danish site and click at "hvalpe" - there will be no english translaste this time.
Kesslers fantastics show results from Vejen - click on Kesslers site and then "show results"
01/06-2010 Small updates 
23/05-10 New pictures of 9-weeks old puppies for sale.
19/05-10 9-weeks old puppies for sale - look by the link on the front-site or by "Puppies"
27/04-10 - 5 girls are sold - 1 girl and 2 boys available.
22/04-10 Pictures of Kessler/Karla puppies - 5 weeks old - under "puppies"
16/04-10 New picture of Kessler, on his site.
13/04-10 Some updates on almost all pages. I-litter picures are in, and health-info
(Patella-status and Free of General Demodex) on all. Still no pictures of
Karla & Kessler's J-litter.
18/03-10 Karla have given born to 8 lovely puppies
21/02-10 Just som design-changes on "our pugs"
29/01-10 Wrote births from links to the pictures of 
the different litter - because someone got the impression that
we have all these puppies right now - this is of course puppies who are born over a longer time scale.
05/01-10 Christmas-cleaning on the page and small updates
27/12-09 Selma (Ahlehoff's Fairytale and Troppola Next Generation) got 2 babies. A girl on 196 gram and a boy on 187 gram.
18/12-09 Christmas cards with a link to sender, put on the website - available via the click from the front.
11/12-09 Updates "planned puppies" - Karla (Ahlehoff's Beloved)
03/12-09 Updatede pictures of Selma (Ahlehoff's Fairytale)
27/11-09 The vet has confirmed, that Selma (Ahlehoff's Fairytale) is pregnant.
20/10-09 Updates under Puppies - "Planned puppies"
18/10-09 Update show-results and show sign-up
05/10-09 Update on Kessler's site - new pictures
24/09-09 Updated show results Tyson
08/09-09 Updated maiting plans for 2010
- New Photos with 105 pictures
- New New's-link from the head-site to this update-site 
- Show results and up-comming shows, moved to common site, with link from each dogs site 
16/08-09 - Show-result's Hillerød - Selma
11/08-09 - Viola and Tyson signed up for show in Brøndby
29/07-09 - New picture of Kessler and show-result's from Grenå - and a little news on Tyson's site.