Ahlehoff's X-Men Apocalypse (Marley)
 Ahlehoff's Quota Excellent (King) Ahlehoff's You Don't Judge Me (Bambi)
Ahlehoff's Vice President (Storm) Ahlehoff's Ready To Rumble (Ready)
  Anadyr Blue's Fenix 11.23 (Fenix) Ahlehoff's Up to Date (Raven)
Festivals Soul Early February  (Boris)  
Tangetoppens Wild Guess (Bravo)  

Retired Males

Retired Females

Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry (Vito) Ahlehoff's Tiny Giant (Tiny)
Troppola Next Generation (Kessler) Glourious Spirit Impossible Is Nothing For Ahlehoff's (Patsy)
  Tangetoppen's Trick Or Treat (Jippi)
  Troppola Takes It All (Medina)